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15 WordPress Plugins - A choice of Bloggers

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - - 0 Comments

In so numerous years since, the word press has become the most well liked platform for enterprise. WordPress is been accessed by million sites behind thousands of persons for enterprise in world of Internet marketing. Everything from –commerce websites to blogs can be developed in WordPress. WordPress plug-ins are very well known; it helps you to improve your WordPress sites seek ranking. It raises the traffic to your business. In this post 15 WordPress plug-ins is being described which are really popular in Bloggers.


It’s a plug-in which takes the key localities of your site and allows you to add the keywords which will convey visitors to your location.
Just in case you are not 100% certain about key phrases, this is the phrase or phrase that somebody will type into Google which should agree them to your site. For demonstration if you run the red widget blog, you may desire to attract peoples attention with the keyword “metal red widget” If you can optimize key areas of your location with that phrase. It was downloaded 13,635,002 times.


This plug-in allows you to view Google analytics on the dashboard. You can also share the same dashboard with others. You can easily track your blog with this plug-in. It was downloaded 333,279 times.

Google Sitemap Generator:

Google site map is installed on your web server and it automatically generates site map. Its purpose is to monitor the traffic of your web server and automatically find updates for your website.

Contact-form 7:

Contact-form7 is used for the management of many forms and mails. It has many features of AJAX, Akismet.


Akismet is an effective plug-in used to control spams .To use this plug-in, its API key is compulsory to use. If you have a business site or commercial then you can use the compensated subscription but for personal you do not need to.


Nextgen-Gallery is popular as well as work as the plug-in of most common image gallery. Every WordPress is familiar with this plug-in. its downloads are 5.2 millions


Jetpack supercharges yourself‑hosted WordPress locations with the awesome cloud power of get begun with Jetpack, download and install the plug-in. Once you’ve established Jetpack you’ll get access to all the delightful features.


It is the most important and successful tool. It is a social plug-in where users share information with each other. It’s downloads are 1,817,347.


It is an important plug-in which provides a better website theme to mobile users and they can easily experience the website with unique features.

WP to Twitter:

It is a medium between your blog and twitter account. Whenever you update you blog, it automatically performs auto posting on Twitter.

Bad Behavior:

It is an important plug-in which is used to control and monitors the spams over your content and blog. It is based on PHP.


This plug-in has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 which shows its massive use by bloggers. This plug-in allows the integration facility.


As the name implies, it check for all the broken links in the blogs and make inform.


Antivirus plug-in helps you to identify the viruses, spywares and spams. It monitors your blog and identifies the risk of these spywares.


Everyone knows the importance of backup. This plug-in is very helpful. BackWPup performs the task of using backup before installation.

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