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The Hosts and Parasites of Philippine Politics

Monday, October 7, 2013 - - 0 Comments

I've learned from high school in our Economics subject that the main reason for Poverty is unequal distribution of wealth. This is due to the massive corruption in the government causing some goods and services unable to reach the supposed beneficiaries in their respective areas. This is very basic. The poor communities would keep on blaming the government for their current situation. The politicians on the other hand, would use the poor as a great tool for their campaigns. They would promise them the world just to gain favor.

With the recent expose about Pork Barrels, it is very evident that our country have more than enough not to be called a Third World country. Yes, billions have been lost from the government coffers but was that really the reason why there are still more poor people in the country? Did those poor people knew that there is such a thing called Vehicles to Wealth? A lot of people and some politicians already became filthy rich from Stock Market and Mutual Fund. Do the Poor People know that anyone can invest on it? Or have you heard of any politicians during election campaign that includes in their promises that they will help you uplift from your financial burdens by utilizing these vehicles? Do they teach how money can work for them and not just work for the money?

Most people are financially stupid the reason they are poor. And most of our government officials would want you to stay in that situation. We are unmindfully aware of already playing a host of these parasitic government officials who feed on our need for help. We keep on crying for help while those corrupt officials are using it to their advantage. The recent Pork Barrel scams explains it all.

Local barangay election is fast approaching. Here's my message to our local officials who will run for office: We are living in a democratic government where being poor is a decision and not an option. Please stop feeding on our needs. Help us instead to feed ourselves independently. "Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime." - unknown

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