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My Testimony Being an IMG Member

Sunday, January 12, 2014 - - 0 Comments

I have been invited several times to numerous networking businesses. I joined to some of them hoping I can add up some sustainable income to help ease our financial burden. They all failed. Most of them focused on building their network rather than selling their products. The reason: bigger commission is earn via recruitment than product sales. Most of the time, because they are a networking business, those that went ahead of you are the ones successful. Pity those last VICTIMS that just joined in the company.

The end results for you to grow in those companies:
  • If you failed as a seller of their products, be a constant user yourself and earn commissions from your own consumptions. Funny.
  • Recruit as hard as you can or be left behind.
  • Hard to practice what you are preaching. Their consumable products are expensive. Just like in most TV ads. Product endorsers are they themselves not users.
After several failed attempts, I promised myself to no longer join any networking businesses. I have become allergic to the word "Networking" from then on.

It has been everybody's dream to become financially FREE. And the way I see it, I learned early on that you can never depend on a single income. You need to have a second source - a business. The only high-yield investments I knew was Time Deposits. But that requires bigger amount of investments to start for you to benefit from the 3% annual returns. Investment was never a good consideration for me that time and Inflation was just a popular word in my economic subject in school.

But everything was changed when I joined IMG (International Marketing Group) on Septempber 28, 2012. Some few months before I signed my membership, I was already aware of Bro. Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Club and been reading his weekly inspirational guide. The monthly membership was way too costly for me so I tried inquiring through their FB page if there were affordable options for me start small. I was referred to this and that until I saw then AMD Jerry Seculles (now a Marketing Director) post about Financial Literacy Seminar. To make the story short, I attended the Coaching Seminar conducted by the Truly Rich Maker (TRM) team of Angelie Noya here in Cagayan de Oro City.

The Concepts I learned was like a bomb of blessings dropped unto me. I was overwhelmed. I was excited. Somewhere on November 2012, when another TRM team led by then MD Malvin Leano (now CEO) came back to Cagayan de Oro when I executed my first step to Financial Freedom. I owned a Kaiser.

More than a year since I joined, rising from debts is the most fulling achievement I have made so far being a member . But it doesn't stop there. The blessings I receive was not meant for me to keep. I have to share it. I conducted BMP (Bring Meeting to People) to friends and relatives. And God was generous enough to help me with this cause. I now have a regular weekly BPM (Bring People to Meeting) at the office every Saturday 9AM at Door 2, Malayan bldg., Velez corner Nacalaban st., Cagayan de Oro City. Email: Mobile: +639167413331 FB:

So why I joined IMG? Based on experience, this is the only business wherein "You can make a sale without selling. And earn by helping." In here, you will take pride from what you will earn by helping more people become financially independent. You don't even have to be good at words. All you have to do is practice what you preach. We have a great proven system and mentors (Benj and Fely Santiago). Where else can you find such a Business with a Heart? I am proud to be an IMG member. I am proud to be one of Bro. Bo Sanchez's Missionaries of Financial Literacy.

On my next posts, I will be sharing in details how the following concepts helped me in achieving my financial goals.
  • 6 Steps to Financial Security
  • Building a Solid Financial Foundation
  • Rule of 72
  • 10 - 20 - 70 Principle by Bro. Bo Sanchez
This is an on going process but I'm getting there. Thank you for your time. God bless!

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